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Welcome to Dr. Miller’s delicious Weight loss Holy Tea Site.

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We Sell Dr. Miller’s Original Holy Tea..It is the same as YOUTHIN..YOUTHIN  is just a trademark the Dr. Miller uses  for his original formula, so although it is not labeled YOUTHIN  on our label…it is the same.We  are able to sell it for  far less because  we can ship the sample packets for $2.50,  instead of the month or 2 month bags which  cost over $5.00 regular mail.  We are proud to say, “We  have the Lowest price  Dr. Miller’s Holy Youthin TEA on the INTERNET!”
Price on the net! The reason is…. our 2 tea bag packaging is only 2 colors , way less to print. Hope you appreciate the savings!
The original/YOUTHIN… is the best formula and still the most popular….. according to DR.Miller!

That is what we sell  and like  the most.

It’s a gentle Detox bowel cleanse. By detoxing through the bowel the liver  becomes unclogged,(one of the problems associated with fatty liver). The other formulas are more for constipation.

This Original formula does this the best ! The goal is to be having at least 2-3 bowel movements a day to cleanse and detox properly.
You will feel the difference when you get to 2-3 bowel movements a day.

This tasty 5 herb Tea. cleans the small intestines, which is where 90% of your Nutrients are absorbed–yes, 90% in the small intestines.

As a trained Hydro colon Therapist, I have never experienced anything that is so effective, yet so gentle. I honestly would have never spent the time and money to go to Hydrocolon Therapy School had know about this amazing Tea. As I definitely feel it is as effective as a colonic and whole a lot less expensive.

Hippocrates said…”Disease starts in the Colon”

A Middle Eastern Proverb I  love is….”The colon is the father of Affliction…”

This exceptional product is formulated by Dr. Miller, a PhD with 20 years of satisfied costumers. I’ve been on it for 20 years and my gall bladder disease of 25 years is gone, I’ve lost weight, and at 72 years of age my gut works better today than it ever has.

Our supply of Dr. Miller’s Holy Tea Comes direct from Dr. Miller’s Clinic. Shipped free from US. Please order in advance as running out isn’t fun…so call if you are desperate and we will do our best to get it as fast as we can to you.

The only  reason our Dr.Miller’s Holy Tea is less expensive is because of the packaging,  We sell in a package of 2 tea bags. Because we only have one color in our label….. allows for us to sell for less…it’s the exact same tea many sell for twice as much  !!! You got lucky finding our site!!!!

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 Dr. Miller’s Holy Tea !

What is Dr Millers Holy Tea?

Dr. Millers Holy Tea is a double-edged supplement which is not only helping the body of the users to flush out stubborn toxic materials from the organs and the gut but it also capable of boosting the rate at which stubborn fats are burnt out of the body in order to release energy. Most of the food materials that we eat every day may not be 100% safe, the body will be in a position to absorb the digested materials and at the same time, there are possibilities that  some of the toxic materials will be absorbed. The accumulation of these toxic materials makes the internal passage of the body to get clogged and may lead to several health problems. Further, the clogging matter may act as a very good avenue for the thriving of worms in the body.

Our Tea is very affordable in the market and is sold at the best possible price on the Web!. The tea helps  make the body of the users  healthier and free of toxins that may harm the organs especially the internal organs such as the heart, liver, and kidney. In order to get Dr. Miller’s Holy Tea delivered to you, the user is expected to place an order for the supplement through an online system which is very safe and the payment options are also safe.  We are also happy to take orders on our 800-326 2001 toll free number.

Manufacturers Information and Claims about Dr. Millers Holy Tea

Dr. Millers Holy Tea was a formulation which came about during the several experiments done by Dr. Millers.  Coming up with a suitable solution to the cleansing of the body using a beverage most preferred by man. The supplement is capable of cleansing the colon of the user and also harnessing most of the free radicals that are harmful not only to the internal organs of the body but are also known to be destructive to the skin . In addition, the manufacturer is claiming that all the ingredients which are used in the supplement Dr Millers Holy Tea are naturally sourced hence do not harm the users in any way.

Working Process and the Ingredients

There are several ingredients which the supplement, Dr. Millers Holy Tea, is using to make sure that the body stays healthy most of the times. These ingredients include:

  • Holy thistle – This is sourced from natural herbs and has been used for long in boosting the health of the digestive tract of the users. The ingredient is making it possible for the body of the user to expel clogging materials in the alimentary canal without any side effects at all in the body.
  • Persimmon leaves – The extract which is obtained from the leaves of this herb is making the body of the user to stay in good health especially the digestive tract. The ingredient is helping in eliminating most of the harmful bacteria from the digestive tract of the users.
  • Blessed thistle – This ingredient serves the role of adding to the bulk of fecal matter in the rectum to allow for easy expulsion. It is also helping in the dissolution of the solid matter in the tract to get expelled easily.
  • Malva – This is a natural ingredient in the supplement which is aiming at improving the health of the digestive tract by eliminating worms which are harmful such as hookworms. This makes the digested food materials to be absorbed for utilization in the body instead of being absorbed by the worms.
  • Marshmellow Leaves– Treats Coughs and Colds…Fights Bacterial Infections….Repairs the Gut Lining, Preventing Leaky Gut Syndrome…Reduces Digestive Complaints….Heals Skin Troubles…Lowers Inflammation and Supports Heart Health…Reduces Water Retention!

What are the Advantages of Dr. Millers Holy Tea?

  • The supplement is capable of making the digestive tract of the user free of toxic materials.
  • The ingredient which has been used in Dr. Millers Holy Tea are naturally sourced hence no side effects to be feared.
  • The energy and overall health of the user are enhanced greatly.
  • The supplement is affordable to most of the users.

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